An Incomparable Paradise    
on The Island Of Lesvos
Overlooking the Aegean from the top of a hill while nestled in a vast estate, Villa Faros is a lavish haven that combines absolute relaxation with a vast array of activities. Luxury, high gastronomy, comfort and bliss are combined in one destination. Dive into it.
Villa Faros is perched atop a blooming hill in the edge of a sublime peninsula that overlooks the Aegean Sea. 
The villa sits at the edge of a private 150 acre estate, adorned with thousands of olive and pomegranate trees, groves, orchards, fruit and vegetable gardens. 
A luxurious haven surrounded by heavenly gardens, the villa and its estate is an island on the island of Lesvos.
The peninsula is your private shelter of grandeur, relaxation and comfort.
The estate provides our kitchen with the freshest and finest home grown products, the embodiment of the mediterranean nutritional pyramid. 
We invite you to take part in the harvesting, the nurturing and the enjoying of the bountiful fruits of our wonderful land, as well as in cooking, using ingredients you have handpicked shortly before turning on the stoves and ovens. 
Learn traditional recipes and explore new paths for your senses. 
The villa offers a variety of services and a wide range of activities, professionally designed to fit any taste and every mood. 
Close your eyes, imagine how you picture your stay, let us know, and we will paint the canvas of your vacation together. Add any color you like. 
By this, add any activity you like. Any challenge you can think of. 
Dive into the endless blue waters of the Aegean.
Lose yourself in the private beaches of the peninsula, heavenly coves embroidered like a fine lace by time and the beauty of nature. 
Let the Sun bathe you in its rejuvenating light.
Choose sea sports or long strolls, exploration or relaxation.
Experience the luxury of absolute tranquility or live your passion to the full.
Let the colors, the smells, the sounds, the tastes wrap you in a summer breath and take over you.
Expel your energy. Think of it and picture it before you start doing it. 
Your own opulent seafront lies on a peninsula where natural beauty blends with homemade luxury, serenity and bliss. Villa Faros waits for you to discover the magic it hides for you who believe in it.