Unspoiled and serene, nestled in a boundless estate, Villa Faros is the ideal family vacation destination. As familiar as a home made by you.
A family vacation often seems like a herculean task, as it has to please everyone. 
Villa Faros turns the seemingly herculean task into a promenade, since it offers a vast array of choices for every taste and every age.
Infants spend their days in the clean air, scented with the sea salt and the clarity of the everblue skies. 
Nature envelops every acre in its beauty, composing a colorful shroud for a magical land, safe for every child to traverse and get to know. 
The villa offers a wide variety of activities that keep every character satisfied, from the adventurous kind to the pondering introvert.
Action sports will thrill your children, sports that can be performed in land and sea. The level of action depends on their mood only and you are always welcome to join them!
Many of the activities can engage the whole family, adding a special touch to the happy moments; learn together how to cook traditional greek recipes, from ingredients you have picked up yourselves shortly before as you strolled along the estate. 
Let us take care of the finest excursions to museums, whitewashed idyllic villages, old distilleries and breathtaking landscapes, creating the finest moments for your family to share.